Our team

Green Summers is of a small team with much enthusiasm in helping to better the local community. We mainly bases in Hochiminh City but coordinators are around the country.

Long Nguyen

Project Leader

Long is a tour guide with over 15 years of travelling around Vietnam beauties. Seeing the possibilities of helping the communities of poverty at his country, Long founded Green Summers with hope of bringing changes to people and communities of less luck than others.


Hoang Truong

Project Leader

Hoang is co-founder of Green Summers. He a true educator with outdoor activities and team building spirit games. He believes that the way we face the challanges will help us to change our mind and will. That’s why he believes community service projects are best for bringing maturity to students.

Pha Pham

Mekong Vietnam Coordinator

Pha is a Mekong girl with full love for her homeland. She’s so proud of herself to be with students to give changes to her homeland.

Tu Tran

Mekong Vietnam Coordinator

Tu is a member of Vietnam Youth League and has experienced a lot of youth activities around Mekong. She feels touch as students from other contries come to help her homeland to changes. That’s why she loves to join Green Summers for giving a hand to the changes.

Phuong Tran

Central Vietnam Coordinator

Phuong is a people person because his smiles will allure all your worries and life concerns. His passion of introducing local culture and lifestyle to visitors remains the same after over 10 years of tour guide job.

Binh Tran

North Vietnam Coordinator

Binh is a thin girl but of a great energy as she enjoys riding bicycles around Hanoi, or treks across beautiful terraced rice farms in Mai Chau or Sapa with students. She’s from a very poor family then the community service projects at Green Summers are the proud tasks of her.


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