Regular Q&A

We often receive the following questions about our community service projects.

1. How is safety for traveling in Vietnam

2. How safe are our projects?

3. Are the plans in place for emergency evacuation, if needed?

4. Since you are traveling to such remote areas, how do you ensure food is safe and plentiful?

5. How do you ensure that accommodations are suited for Western students?

6. How do you handle the language differences?

7. What other activities are available during off hours?

8. Can students bike?

9. What age ranges are allowed on your trips?

10. Are chaperones required?

11. How do I know which program is right for me?

12. How long has Green Summer Campaigns been running programs for students?

13. Do you provide certificates of participation?

14. Is Green Summer Campaigns like a traditional summer camp or a teen tour?

15. How large are your groups, and are they segregated by age?

16. What do I have need to bring?

17. Are cell phones, laptops, iPods, and/or other electronic devices allowed?

18. What is your policy on alcohol, tobacco, and illegal drug use?

19. What are the Green Summer Campaigns rules?

P.S: We make a full operation matching the demands of such a trip of community service, and we don’t know which angle you want to know. So, please drop us a question questions for community service projects and Vietnam school tours and we are more than of pleasure to answer you those.

questions for community service projects



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