Vietnam student trip Ben Tre and playing with school children

Today is a great day of our Vietnam student trip Ben Tre as we spend more time to play with children in addition to the prime task of building the toilet.

It means that we also do the same things as we are doing there daily. We start the day as normal with breakfast with local soup. Some girls prefer to have breads and that’s no problem as we have a local bakery not far from there and his bread is great. The coffee in Vietnamese style is more popular among students as any try to make a sip to understand what makes many Vietnamese love it. And we also spend a lot of sweats for brick laying, for sand transporting, for mortar making and other hard jobs. We also take time on breaks with bananas and cookies and other sweaties.

However, we stop earlier in the morning and start later in the afternoon and we have great time to play with the children at the school we help. So, what funs are there for us in this Vietnam student trip Ben Tre?

The first one can be our teaching time. We teach them English and this is great as they never access the people with native English accent like us. We speak slowly and they repeat after us word by word. We are a big group and we spread to all tables in the class and talk with them one by one after the main show in the blackboard. It’s so noisy as we have many people and many group talk different things at the same time. However, we are so excited and that’s still great. We teach them counting, colors, body organs or any things that are easy for them to understand us by non-verbal language.

The second one are the singing together some songs. We sing head, shoulder knee and toe song then chicken dance and the local student follow us very fast.

The next one is a game that we never play before. We have a small thing with feather; we stay in a circle in the school yard and try to kick the small thing by foot, and not to let it drop on the group. The one with bad kicking and making the small thing drop on the ground is a failure. It’s really a very good exercise. It makes us even more exhausted. However, it’s very fun

The students are so enthusiastic in playing with us. They don’t want to go home for lunch even their parents are ready at the school entrance for long time to wait for them to go home. And the ones with afternoon class shift also try to go to school early to have more time to play with us.

On our way back home in the afternoon, we have small adventure that even make our day of Vietnam student trip Ben Tre is even with more amazing memories. We walk back to our boat for a boat drive back homestay, but our boat is suddenly of malfunction. We get help with a lift by a coconut boat. The cocobut boat push our boat for a while on its way, and we feel so fun as we are around by a lot of coconut, the middle of a Mekong with honey afternoon sun and great coconut forest.

Before the coconut boat makes a turn to another river branch, it takes us to a coconut workshop and that’s so sweet. That’s a place where the local people produce things from coconut, and we are so lucky to see this. We see that they peel the coconut fibers from the fruits and this is for making matress or robs to pull boats. We see that they break coconut skull to take water for making additives. We see that they take coconut flesh and use it to make soap, jam and coconut candy. And we did have a great time eating the sweet coconut candy, by a bank of Mekong river, on a great afternoon. That’s the moment we never forget.

We have another boat come and take us to the homestay. We have showers and make some laundry by tubs, detergent and brush supplied by the host.

Don’t think the party time is over. After our delicious dinner with local food, we have a karaoke. That’s a real karaoke and we could not believe we can do that in the middle of Mekong Delta Vietnam. We have a small TV of 32 inches but we have big speakers, and we have a laptop with internet, and we have all English songs in our favourite list. That’s amazing.

We go to bed with a feeling that our Vietnam student trip Ben Tre is an adventure full of sudden amazing experience.

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